Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Back!

I haven't blogged in forever, I know. I promised a new update the next day last time I posted, but that obviously didn't happen. Anyway, summer break started today so I figured I should start blogging again. My main goal this summer is to finish my currently unamed sci-fi book. It's really hard to explain what it's about, so I'll just start with the basics. Aliens who have destroyed their home planet come to Earth to live there. They trap about one hundred humans on an island and plan to observe them. There are three different factors: Physical, Mental, and Interaction. They put the humans through horrible things to see what it will take to take over Earth. But only a few of these humans will be left alive, and even then, it will only be to get tested on even further. I suck at summeries, but there you go. I would be working on my series The Hybrid Chronicles, but my computer crashed a few months ago and I lost everything, which sucks so much. But thankfully, I printed out a copy of the book. I just have to transfer all 200 pages to my computer :/ Well, that's all I guess. I might update next week, but I'm making no promises. Bye!


  1. Wow, it sucks that your computer crashed. Thank God you printed it out. But, then again, you'll have to re-type it.

    The best way, I think, to back up your manuscripts is to upload them to Google Docs or Dropbox. That way, when your computer crashes, you still have the internet as refuge.

    Hope this helped.

    Glad you started blogging again!


  2. I have Time Machine on my Mac, so I can't really lose anything. Except Minecraft worlds...

    Anyway, email your story to yourself every time you save it so you'll have it backed up in your email. Or Google Docs, like Matt said.

    Email me!


  3. Thanks Matt and Jackson, I'll definetely start doing that with my stories so I don't lose them again. Jackson, when are we starting that blog up?

  4. Yay, I'm not the only one who takes long spans in between posts! I'm Jared, BTW. A friend of Jackson and Matt.

  5. Cool book idea, Morgan. Sounds awesome!

  6. Thanks, Jared! I'll be posting an excerpt from it later.